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High-Fidelity F-16C Simulation System
F-16C Viper XL Product Literature Brochure

Full-size, full function of the current USAF Block 50/52 Viper.

F-35 Panther Simulation System
F-35 A/B/C Simulator

The F-35 Panther training system replicates the Joint Strike Fighter cockpit, controls, and panoramic display - Pilot Vehicle Interface (PVI).




F-35 Desktop Training Unit
F-35 Desktop Trainier

The FDX F-35 trainer is based around our F-35 main instrument panel and panoramic display touch screen.




F-16C Center Display Unit
F-16C Center Pedestal Display Unit

The FDX F-16C Center Display Unit (CDU) allows you to simulate the latest upgrade to the USAF fleet of Fighting Falcons. Designed to replace the legacy "steam gauges" with up-to-date digital solid-state hardware. Each unit includes 26 discrete programmable bezel push buttons along with toggle and rotary switches for the integrated INSTR and FUEL panels.