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Low-Fidelity F-16 Cockpit
F-16C Avionics Trainer Brochure

Provides maximum fidelity with the smallest footprint and cost available.

Mid-Fidelity F-16C Cockpit
F-16C and F-22A Extended Trainers

Provide the correct form and fit as the actual Viper and Raptor aircraft. Each system comes equipped with a 24" LCD touchscreen for the heads-down display and a 32" LCD for the out the window display.




High-Fidelity F-16 Cockpit
F-16C Block 40, 50, and 60

Full-size, full function. Each units includes a standard 15" LCD for the heads-down display and an option to add an LCD, dome, or projection system for the out the window display

F-35 Lightning II (JSF)
Part Task Trainer

Using COTS technology and high-fidelity controls and display, the F-35 DMRT cockpit provides a basic platform to add controls, displays, etc. to create a complete training system.